Sodium methanolate solid

Sodium methoxide is a kind of alkoxide formed by methanol, and its chemical formula is CH3ONa, which is a strong base commonly used in organic synthesis.Sodium methoxide is usually stored as a solution of an alcohol solvent such as methanol or ethanol.


More About Sodium methanolate solid:

CAS NO:124-41-4

Molecular formula:CH3NaO

Appearance:white powder

Purity: 98.5%

Boiling point:65 °C

Density:0.97 g/mL at 20 °C




AppearanceWhite powder
Melting point-98 °C
Refractive Index1.3700
Flesh point11 °C


Use Of Sodium methanolate solid :

It is used as an alkaline condensing agent and catalyst in organic synthesis, and is used for the synthesis of perfumes, dyes, etc., and is a raw material for vitamins B1, A and sulfadiazine. It is used as a condensing agent in organic synthesis, as a catalyst in the treatment of edible oils and fats, and as an important raw material for the synthesis of drugs such as sulfamididine, sulfamethoxazole and sulfonamide synergist. It is mainly used as raw materials for medicines and pesticides, and also used in dyes and chemical fiber industries. Fat transesterification catalyst. Widely used in industries such as perfumes and dyes.


Package Of Sodium methanolate solid:


Storage:Stored in a closed, low temperature, heated to decompose into ammonia and acetic acid