JR-3203 Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersion

This is an anionic waterborne polyurethane dispersion specially developed for the bulletproof field. It has high modulus, high cohesive strength, good flexibility, low VOC content and green environmental protection.


More About JR-3203 Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersion:

  1. Excellent wear resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance;
  2. The film has high tensile strength and high modulus;
  3. The cohesive energy is large and the adhesion is strong;
  4. Excellent anti-yellowing performance;
  5. Good toughness and good impact resistance;
  6. Low viscosity, easy construction, easy to clean residual glue.



AppearanceMilky white (with blue light) dispersion
Viscosity (mPa.s, 20 ° C)<100
Solid content (%)30±2%
Ion typeAnion


Use Of JR-3203 Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersion:

Bulletproof board, helmet, bullet-proof insert fiber dipping, bulletproof cloth dipping treatment, etc.


Package Of JR-3203 Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersion:


Storage: The storage and transportation temperature of this product is 5 ~ 35 ° C, should be stored in a cool dry place, prevent sun and rain during transportation, to avoid collision. Prevent freezing.