Pressure sensitive adhesive JR-1506


JR-1506 is a special one-component glue developed by our company for the foam and film industry. It is synthesized by special resin system and has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, good adhesion, oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance. It is suitable for initial adhesion. A customer who has a balanced force and a sticky force.


More About Pressure sensitive adhesive JR-1506:

1.90°, 180° excellent peeling force, excellent holding power

2.Good leveling and wettability, suitable for a variety of substrates

3.Good oil resistance

4.Good resistance to high and low temperature



AppearanceMicro-mixed/turbid glue
Viscosity (25 ° C, cps)2300±500(NDJ-7/25℃)
Solid content (%)50±2
Initial adhesion8-9
Adhesion (25 × 25mm / 1kg / 35 ° C)100-120min


Use Of Pressure sensitive adhesive JR-1506:

Foam tape products and double-sided tape



Package Of Pressure sensitive adhesive JR-1506:


Storage: It is recommended that the storage environment of JR-1506 be 10~35°C, and it should be stored in a dry and dark place. The storage period of the original sealed barrel is 6 months from the date of production. If the barrel has been opened, the container must be tightly closed to prevent the solvent from evaporating. It is recommended to use up within 24 hours.