Colorless crystals. The temperature of 81 ° C. The boiling point of 286 ° C, 146.3 ° C (1.33 kPa). Soluble in ethanol, ether, petroleum ether, slightly soluble in water. It can volatilize with water vapor and easily oxidize into sulfide in the air. Has a disgusting smell.


More About 2-Naphthalenethiol:

Molecular formula: C10H8S
Molecular weight: 160.24
CAS no.:91-60-1
EINECS no. :202-082-5



AppearanceColorless crystals
Flash point151.8°C
Boiling point286°C
Density1.22g/mL at 25 °C


Use Of 2-Naphthalenethiol:

Used as an industrial activator in the rubber industry, as an intermediate in antioxidants, plasticizers and organic synthesis.


Package Of 2-Naphthalenethiol:


Storage:Store at room temperature, protected from light and heat; keep it well ventilated and dry and sealed.