4-Aminophenol is a kind of fine chemical intermediate which is commonly used in China. It is used in the dye industry to synthesize weak acid yellow 6G, weak acid yellow 5G, vulcanized dark blue 3R, sulfur blue CV, sulfurized brilliant green GB, sulfurized red brown. B3R, sulfurized reduction black CLG, and the like. Used in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of paracetamol, clofibrate, etc. Also used in the preparation of products such as developers, antioxidants and petroleum additives.


More About 4-Aminophenol:

CAS NO: 123-30-8

Molecular formula: C6H7NO

Appearance:Beige to white crystal or powder

Purity: ≥98.5%

Boiling point: 284 °C

Density: 1.29



Inspection itemsRequired indicator
AppearanceBeige to white crystal or powder
Iron content ≤0.01%
Water ≤0.50%
Light transmittance ≥95.00%
Melting point186°C-189°C


Use Of 4-Aminophenol:

Widely used in the synthesis of medicines, dyes and other organic products, mainly used in the synthesis of paracetamol, dextran, vitamin B1, complex niacinamide. Use as raw materials, antioxidants and developers for medicines and dyes.


Package Of 4-Aminophenol:


Storage:The warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature; it is stored separately from oxidants and food additives.