Benzalkonium chloride:  

Benzalkonium Chloride is a kind of cationic surfactant, belonging to nonoxidizing boicide. It can efficiently withhold algae propagation and sludge reproduction. Benzalkonium Chloride also has dispersing and penetrating properties, can penetrate and remove sludge and algae, has advantages of low toxicity, no toxicity accumulation, soluble in water, convenient in use, unaffected by water hardness. Benzalkonium Chloride can be also used as anti-mildew agent, antistatic agent, emulsifying agent and amendment agent in woven and dyeing fields.


Benzalkonium chloride:

CAS NO.: 8001-54-5

Molecular formula: C17H30ClN

Appearance: Colorless or Pale yellow transparent liquid

Purity: 50% or 80% Min.

Molecular weight: 283.88

EINECS NO.: 616-786-9



Test ItemStandard
AppearanceColorless or pale yellow liquid
Solid50% or 80 Min.
Amine Salt2.0% Max


Use Of Benzalkonium chloride:     

This product can be used as a bactericide, a disinfectant for medical surgical instruments


Package of Benzalkonium chloride:



Storage: Stored in a dry, ventilated environment.