Product :

Clear yellow liquid

CAS No.: 4394-85-8

Molecular formula: C5H9NO2

Molecular weight: 115.13

EINECS number: 224-518-3



AppearanceColorless or light yellow liquid or solidlight yellow liquid
Purity99.5% min99.9%
Porphyrin0.1% max0.003%
Water0.1% max0.1%
Free acid (based on formic acid)0.02% max0.003%
Chroma/Hazen (Pt-Co color number)20 max10



Used for desulfurization of natural gas, syngas, flue gas, natural gas condensate and gasoline; it is the best extraction solvent for petroleum aromatics. It can be used for extractive distillation to recover aromatics. It has good selectivity, thermal stability and chemical stability. Good sex, no toxicity, no corrosion. It is currently the most widely used aromatic hydrocarbon recovery solvent.