Calcium hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide, inorganic compound, chemical formula Ca(OH)2, commonly known as slaked lime or slaked lime. It is a white powdery solid. After adding water, it is composed of two layers. The upper layer of the aqueous solution is called clarified lime water, and the lower layer of suspension is called lime milk or lime slurry. The supernatant liquid clarifies lime water to test carbon dioxide, and the lower layer turbid liquid lime milk is a building material. Calcium hydroxide is a strong base with bactericidal and antiseptic properties, which has corrosive effects on skin and fabric [lime milk or lime slurry. Calcium hydroxide has a wide range of applications in the industry. It is a commonly used building material and is also used as a fungicide and chemical raw material.

.More About Calcium hydroxide

Appearance: white powdery solid

Chemical formula : Ca(OH)2

Molecular weight: 74.096

CAS: 1305-62-0

EINECS: 215-137-3

Melting point : 580 ° C

Boiling point: 2850 °C


Testing ItemSpecificationResults
Organizational statuspowderpowder
Assay % ≥95.0-100.596.0
Calcium Carbonate % ≤2.0<2.0
Loss on drying % ≤1.00.26
Hydrochloric acid insoluble matter % ≤0.050.038
Heavy metalIn (Pb)% ≤10<10
Magnesium and alkali metals w % ≤2.01.3
(Arsenic content )ppm2<2
(Pb) ppm2<1
Fluoride(F)mg/kg % ≤50<30
Sieve residue(0.045mm)w % ≤0.40.4

Use Of Calcium hydroxide:

1, can be used as raw materials for the production of calcium carbonate.

  1. Calcium hydroxide is alkaline and can be used to reduce the acidity of the soil, thereby improving the structure of the soil.
  2. Quality products are mainly used to produce epichlorohydrin and propylene oxide.

4, can be used in rubber, petrochemical additives, such as the petroleum industry added to the lubricating oil, can prevent coking, sludge deposition, neutralization and anti-corrosion.

5, used for the preparation of bleaching powder, bleaching powder, disinfectant, antacid, astringent, hard water softener, soil acidity inhibitor, depilatory agent, buffer, neutralizer, curing agent, etc.

  1. Calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide in the air also react to form calcium carbonate which is poorly soluble in water. In the production of sugar industry, the acid in the syrup is neutralized by calcium hydroxide, and then the carbon dioxide and the remaining calcium hydroxide are reacted to form a precipitate which is filtered to reduce the sour taste of the sugar.

Package Of Calcium hydroxide:



Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. The humidity in the library is preferably no more than 85%. It is necessary to seal the package properly to avoid moisture absorption. It should be separated from the (burnable) fuel and acid, and should not be mixed. The storage area should be equipped with appropriate information to contain spills.