The leaves and leaf buds of Brazil palm are extracted and refined. They are hard and brittle and insoluble in water. They are a hard, high melting point and shiny wax. Its main components are palmitic acid beeswax ester, fatty acid fat, wax acid and hydrocarbon components, composed of most of the dihexadecanoic acid dihexadecanol ester and a small amount of diester and hydroxy fatty acid.

CAS No.: 8015-86-9

EINECS NO: 232-399-4


Melting point: 81-86 °C



Quality gradeNatureConform

White or light yellow

DiscriminatedComplies CPConform
Melting Point80-86℃82.6℃
Acid value2~7mg KOH/g6.61
Moisture and Volatile Mattermaterial1.0%max0.52%
Insoluble material0.2%max0.12%
Iodine value5.0~14.07.0
Ester Value71~88mg KOH/g76.4
Saponification Value78~95mg KOH/g83
Residue on Ignition0.25%max0.1%
Heavy metal20ug/g max符合


Color2~8Gardner Scale6
Peroxide Value15max11.31
ConclusionThe results conforms as Enterprise Standards



Brazil palm can be used as a filming agent for candy, fruit coating agents and polishes. The details are as follows:

  1. For food ingredients: chewing gum polishing agent and glazing agent, soft and hard bean-like gum candy and chocolate glazing agent;
  2. for building materials: floor wax: making it unexpected Polished and bright effect. Rubber products: It can enhance the hardness of rubber and prevent the hardening of rubber caused by sun sun. Especially useful for floor coverings. Asphalt and floor joint materials: improve their water resistance and viscosity; roof materials: improve water resistance and durability.
  3. Daily use: Shoe polish: suitable for polishing oil soles or underwater shoe polish. Furniture: It is still an unparalleled polishing agent for underwater or oil soles. Leather goods: used for the polishing and preservation of leather, giving leather garments and leather tote bags a dazzling luster while also serving as a base for leather polishing and leather oil. Carbon paper and printing ink: “The blood of life” called the carbon paper industry.
  4. Industrial field: It is used to wrap the bare part of the aircraft, giving it long-lasting protection and reducing surface friction to increase its flight speed. Chemical industry: used in a wide range of forms and formulations. Synthetic wax: Entering the composition makes it an all-weather, bright coating for cars, trucks, buses and trains. Foundry industry: used in casting wax and galvanizing processes. 5. Agricultural field: The effect of Brazilian brown wax on the growth and development of isolated brown rot and soft rot and the infection of nectarine and plum by two pathogens can inhibit brown rot and soft rot to some extent. . 6, other uses: in the production of soap, lipstick, ointment, candles, matches, paint (paint), varnish, plaster, artificial fruit, phonograph records, etc. have a wide range of uses.



Can also be customized according to demand