Cyclopentane is also known as “pentamethylene”, a cycloalkane, a colorless fluid flammable liquid with a benzene-like odor; relative density (water = 1) 0.75; relative density (air = 1) 2.42, nature Stable; molecular formula C5H10. The molecular weight is 70.13. Flammable liquid. The melting point is -94.4 ° C, the boiling point is 49.3 ° C, the relative density is 0.7460, and the refractive index is 1.4068. Soluble in alcohols, ethers and hydrocarbons, insoluble in water. Mainly used as a reference material for solvents and chromatography.

More About Cyclopentane

Traits: white crystalline powder


EINECS: 206-016-6

Melting point: -94 °C


Test itemsResultIndexTest Methods
AppearanceColorless transparent liquidColorless transparent liquidVisual inspection
Density20℃kg/m³625610-630GB/T 1884
N-pentaneWt%0.5589MIN 1GC
IsopentaneWt%0.00015MAX 0.1GC
Sulfur contentwt ppm0MAX1ASTMD 5453
benzenewt ppm0MAX1GC
Bromine indexmg/100gnot detectedMAX50ASTMD2710
Non-volatile matterMg/100ml0.1reportASTMD1353
acidityNot detectednoASTMD 847
MoistureWt ppm15reportASTMD 1744

Use Of Cyclopentane:

It is used as a foaming agent for Freslon’s insulation materials widely used in refrigerators and freezers and other rigid PU foams; as a solvent for solution polymerization such as polyisoprene rubber and a solvent and chromatographic standard for cellulose ether . Used as a chromatographic standard, solvent, engine fuel, azeotrope

Package Of Cyclopentane:



The warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature; stored separately from the oxidant

Dangerous goods transport number UN 1146