Ethyl Maltol

As a flavor improver and flavor enhancer, ethyl maltol is used more and more widely. It is recognized as a food additive that is safe, reliable, low in dosage and effective in effect. It is a good aroma enhancer for tobacco, food, beverage, flavor, fruit wine, daily cosmetics, etc. It has a significant effect on the improvement and enhancement of the flavor of the food, plays a sweetening effect on the sweet food, and can prolong the storage period of the food.

More About Ethyl Maltol

Traits: White crystal powder


EINECS: 225-582-5

Melting point: 85-95℃


Indicator nameindex
Mass score by (C7H8O3)/(%),%≥99.5
Melting point range89.0-93.0

Use Of Ethyl Maltol:

  1. Ethyl maltol is a food flavor that is allowed to be used in China. The flavor is 4-6 times stronger than maltol and has a significant aroma enhancing effect. Mainly used in the preparation of flavors of confectionery, pastries, chocolate and tobacco and alcohol. The dosage is 5~50mg/kg in candy and chewing gum, 5~15mg/kg in ice cream, seasoning and jelly, and 1.5~6mg/kg in soft drink.
  2. Used in food, tobacco, cosmetics and other industries, with aroma, solid, sweetening effect
  3. GB 2760-96 provides for the use of flavorants. It is mainly used to prepare flavors such as strawberries, grapes, pineapples and herbs.
  4. China’s GB2760-86 provisions for food and spices allowed. Mainly used in the preparation of strawberry, grape, pineapple, vanilla and other flavors. Ethyl maltol is a flavor synergist widely used in food, cigarette medicine, beverages, toothpaste and cosmetics. It is a safe, non-toxic food with aroma, sweetness, aroma and odor. additive.

Package Of Ethyl Maltol:



Store in a dry, ventilated warehouse during storage and transportation. Do not approach high temperatures and avoid contact with iron products.