Chemical Name: Febantel

CAS No.: 58306-30-2

Molecular Fomula: C20H22N4O6S

Molecular weight: 446.48

Appearance:White powder



Solub lensesIg sample dissolve in 10mi formic acid
AuthenticationCompare the infrared absorption spectrum with standard spectrogram, if the wavelength is the same, then show the maximum.
Loss on dryingDo not surpass 1.0% (85°C. 3hrs)
Range of melting point125-128°C
Sulfate ash contentDo not surpass0.5%.
Heavy metalDo not surpass20ppm.
Chromatographically purityDo not lower than 98.0%, several impurities are not higher than 1. 0% , the impurity total weight is not higher than 2.0%
Contentcount on dry goods, is 98-102%(HPLC or analysis by titration).



appliciacation :

Anti-worm medicine. Used to expel gastrointestinal nematodes and lung nematodes. Used to treat nematode and tapeworm infections in pet dogs.



25kg/cardboard bucket