Glycerol is colorless, odorless, sweet, and has a clear and thick liquid appearance. It is an organic substance.



CAS NO: 56-81-5

Molecular formula: C3H8O3

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Purity: ≥99.50 %

Molecular weight: 92.09

Einecs No.: 200-289-5



Test ItemStandard
AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Purity  99.76%
Specific Gravity1.2614


Use Of Glycerol: 

Glycerin is a by-product of natural vegetable oils and is one of the basic chemical raw materials. It is widely used in various fields of national production. With the advancement of science and technology, glycerin has gained a lot in new fields such as glycerol epichlorohydrin, 12-propylene glycol and other products. Development and full use; it is also an important raw material for resin, antifreeze, polyurethane, printing and dyeing, humectant, cement grinding aid and other industries.


Package of Glycerol: 



Storage: Stored in a dry, ventilated environment.