Gum rosin

Rosin is a natural renewable resin composed mainly of various resin acids. It is melted in various organic solvents and has unique chemical activity. It is esterified, neutralized and added with double bonds, disproportionated, hydrogenated, and Polymerization, etc., can change the physical and chemical properties of rosin. Rosin can expand the application of rosin in a wide range, and is an important raw material for soap, paper, paint, rubber, resin, electrical, organic synthesis and other industries.

More Gum rosin

Traits: Transparent solid


EINECS: 232-475-7

Melting point: 70-80℃


GradeWW GradeX Grade
AppearanceTransparent solidTransparent solid
ColorPale yellowSlightly yellow
Softening point7676
Acid number166166
Alcohol insoluble substance0.030.03
Unsaponifiable matter55

Use Of Gum rosin:

It can be used as an important raw material for industries such as adhesives, paper, paint, ink, rubber, soap, electronics, edible ester glue, and rosin ester resin.

Deep processing can be used to prepare modified resins such as disproportionated rosin, polymerized rosin, and hydrogenated rosin.

Package Of Gum rosin:

(1). Barrel: galvanized iron barrel, net weight 225 kg / barrel;

(2). Bag: plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag, net weight 25 kg / bag.


Stored in a cool place, dry and sealed, can not be transported with natural materials, strong oxidants, strong acid, according to the provisions of flammable articles.