1.Components Information

Main ComponentsContentCAS No.
Butyl acrylate/ethyl hexyl methacrylate copolymer35±231071-53-1


2.Reference formula

Aerosol hair gel formula

raw materialDosage
alcoholAdd to 100
Aerated gas (dimethyl ether)20-25g/100ml solution


3.product description:

This product is synthesized by using imported acrylic raw materials. The product is fully alcohol soluble. The product has good stability and is a strong hair gel. The durability on the hair is very good and the water resistance is good.


4.Application process:

Mix the required glue and alcohol, stir until the glue is completely dissolved, then add the essence and mix well to filter and fill.

5.Packing specification: 60kg / barrel.

6.Storage conditions: Keep away from light, dry and cool at room temperature.