Dimethylformamide is short for DMF. Compound formed by the substitution of hydroxyl group of formic acid with dimethylamino group, molecular formula HCON (CH3) 2. It is a colorless transparent high boiling point liquid with a light amine odor and a relative density of 0.9445 (25 C). Melting point – 61 C. Boiling point 152.8 C. Flash point 57.78 C. The vapor density is 2.51. The vapor pressure is 0.49 kPa (3.7 mmHg 25 C).

Colorless transparent liquid. It is a polar inert solvent. Except halogenated hydrocarbons, it can mix with water and most organic solvents at will.



Superior productFirst gradeQualified product
AppearanceColorless liquid, No visible impuritiesConform
Dimethylformamide Assay w/%99.999.599.95
Methanol w/%              ≥0.00100.00300.00500.0000
Heavy component(Dimethyl acetamide)w/%            ≤Supply and demand sides negotiated to determine0.0423
Chroma/Hazen unit(Platinum, cobalt color)               ≤510  205
Water w/%                 ≤0.0500.0089
Iron w/(mg/kg)           ≤0.050.026
Acidity(Based on formic acid)w/%                      ≤0.00100.00200.00300.0001
Alkalinity (based on dimethylamine) w/%        ≤0.00100.00200.00300.0002
PH(25℃,20% water)6.5~8.07.4
Conductivity(25℃)/μs/cm2.0  3.00.33
ConclusionSuperior product



It is an excellent organic solvent. It is used as a solvent for polyurethane, polyacrylonitrile and polyvinyl chloride. It is also used as a raw material for extractant, medicine and pesticide chlordimeform. It is also used as an analytical reagent and a solvent for ethylene resin and acetylene.



Complete packing, light loading and light unloading; Storage room ventilated, away from open fire, high temperature, separated from oxidant and acid