Organic impregnating agent

The principle of the impregnation technique is to put the leaking casting into a vacuum, exhaust the gas in the micropores, and hydraulically make the impregnating liquid enter the micropores, heat and solidify, and the micropores are sealed.

Organic hot water curing infiltration solution

Compare with European and American brands

Model: Resinol 90C T90 (fluorescent)



  1. Short soaking time and short curing time
  2. Parts are easy to clean without contaminating the machined surface, machined holes and threaded holes
  3. It can seal micro-holes below 0.1mm, and the pass rate for one infiltration is above 98%
  4. No leakage occurs after the infiltration is qualified, and the service life is the same as that of the parts
  5. Low comprehensive cost, only about 4 kg of glue is consumed per ton of parts
  6. After curing, the temperature is -55 ℃ ~ + 200 ℃



AppearanceTransparent to amber liquid (fluorescent)
Viscosity(mps·s)About 10.5
Flash point>93℃
Surface Tension (dyn/cm)About 35
Operating temperature-55℃~+200℃
Qualified rate of infiltration>98%
90℃ hot water curing time20 minutes
Hardness after curing(Soxh D)>62
Applicable casting pore diameter(mm)<0.3
Shelf life(at 25℃)More than one year
Pressure resistanceCan withstand pressure to the burst value of the workpiece
Service lifepermanent



A Store in a cool, dry place at 8 -28 ° C. Store in a sealed original container for a storage period of more than one year.

B Packaging specifications: 20kg / drum. To prevent contamination, do not pour used infiltrants or other materials into the original packaging.