Pure product is dark purple shiny powder. Stable below 198 °C. It is very soluble in water and becomes a light purple-red solution. After standing, it will release oxygen and precipitate hydrated ferric oxide. The alkalinity of the solution increases with decomposition and is quite stable in a strong alkaline solution, making it an excellent oxidant. It has an efficient disinfection effect.

CAS No.: 39469-86-8

Molecular Formula: K2FeO4

Molecular Weight: 198.04



AppearanceBrownish black granular or powdery solidConforms


PH value10%~12%11.2%
Water insoluble matter1.5%~3%1.5%
Loss on drying1%~1%1%
ConclusionThe results conforms as Enterprise Standards



  1. As a non-nitrogen new high-efficiency disinfectant, it can be used in drinking water treatment to quickly kill bacteria and viruses in water; remove some organic pollutants, heavy metal ions, decolorize and deodorize water, and condense circulating water to control the formation of bio-stain Treatment of phenol-containing, cyanide-plated cadmium wastewater, etc.
  2. Oxidized starch is produced for surface sizing of paper and finishing of textiles. In chemical production, it is used to oxidize sulfonic acids, nitrites, ferrocyanides and other inorganic substances.
  3. It is used to remove manganese, antimony and arsenic during zinc smelting.
  4. In the tobacco industry, for cigarette filters, etc.