Translucent white orthorhombic crystals or small pieces. The apparent density is 1.80 to 1.85 g/cm3. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. It has extremely strong reducibility at high temperature, which can make the dyed color disappear, so it is called the white block. Decomposes in the presence of acid, and decomposes at 120 ° C to produce toxic gases such as formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide. The water-free hanging white block is very stable, but gradually decomposes in humid air.

CAS  NO:149-44-0

Molecular formula: CH3NaO3S

Molecular weight: 118.09

EINECS  number: 205-739-4



Assay98% min99.87%
AppearanceWhite to light yellow powderConforms
Dissolved stateclarify


SulfideNot darkConforms
ConclusionThe results conforms as Enterprise Standards



Mainly used in printing and dyeing industry as a discharge agent, color extractant, reducing agent and as activator of styrene-butadiene rubber and synthetic resin. It is also used for decolorization and bleaching of some organic substances (such as synthetic rubber, sugar, food industry for bleaching). Agent), can be used in place of insurance powder under certain conditions.