Sodium percarbonate:  

Sodium percarbonate is a strong oxidant. Appearance is white crystal or crystalline powder, which can release oxygen when exposed to moisture. Sodium percarbonate is an addition compound of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. It is mainly used as bleaching and oxidizing agents, as well as detergents, cleaning agents, and bactericides in chemical, paper, textile, dyeing and finishing, food, medicine, health and other sectors. . Other uses are similar to sodium perborate and can replace sodium perborate to save boron salts.


Sodium percarbonate:   

CAS NO: 15630-89-4

Molecular formula: C2Na2O6

Appearance: White Tablet

Molecular weight: 166

Einecs No.: 239-707-6



Test ItemStandard
AppearanceWhite Tablet
Available oxygen %9.50%
PH value (25 ℃)10.50


Use Of Sodium percarbonate:   

  1. Widely used in detergent additives and rinsing agents for daily life;
  2. Used as bleaching agent, dyeing and finishing agent and dry bleaching agent in the textile industry;
  3. Used as pulp bleaching agent in paper industry;
  4. For tableware disinfectant, metal surface treatment, descaling, sterilization, deodorant, etc .;
  5. The product can decompose quickly when it encounters water, so it is widely used in medical emergency oxygenator and aquatic oxygenator.


Package of Sodium percarbonate:   



Storage: Stored in a dry, ventilated environment.