Sodium polyphosphate


Sodium hexametaphosphate is a kind of sodium metaphosphate polymer, also known as “sodium polymetaphosphate”, “sodium polymetaphosphate”, “sodium metaphosphate glass”, “Graham salt”, the appearance of colorless transparent glass Solid or white powder, which has a higher solubility in water, but the dissolution rate is slower, and the aqueous solution is acidic.


More About Sodium polyphosphate:

CAS No.: 68915-31-1/10124-56-8

EINECS number: 233-343-1

Molecular formula: 6Na.O18P6

Molecular weight: 611.77




Inspection itemsRequired indicator
Total phosphate (as P2 O 5 ) % MIN 68.0
Inactive phosphate (based on P2 O 5 ) % MAX7.5
Iron (in terms of Fe) % MAX0.05
Fineness (mesh)60 ~ 80


Use Of Sodium polyphosphate:

Used in oilfield, paper, textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical, leather, metallurgy, building materials, etc., as water softener, buffer, flotation agent, dispersant, high temperature binder. Used as additive in food industry, nutrient , quality improver, pH adjuster, metal ion chelating agent, binder, expansion agent, etc.


Package Of Sodium polyphosphate:


Storage:The warehouse is ventilated and dried at low temperature; it is stored separately from oxidants and food additives.