Sorbitol, also known as sorbitol, hexitol, D-sorbitol, is a non-volatile polyglycol, chemically stable, not easily oxidized by air, soluble in water, hot ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, butyl Alcohol, cyclohexanol, phenol, acetone, acetic acid and dimethylformamide, widely distributed in natural plant fruits, not easily fermented by various microorganisms, good heat resistance, no decomposition at high temperature (200 ° C)



WaterNot more than 1.5%0.6%
Residue on ignitionNot more than 0.1%0.02%
Reducing SugarNot more than 0.3%0.05%
Limit of nickelNot more than 1 ppmQulified
Clarity and color of soulutionClear and colorlessQulified
Bacteride endotoxinsNot more than 2.5EU per gQulified
ChlorideNot more than 0.0050%Qulified
SulfateNot more than 0.01%Qulified
AerobicNot more than 1000 cfu per gQulified
Molds and yeastsNot more than 100 cfu per gQulified
Conclusion:The above certificate of analysis is in compliance with USP41



  1. Daily Chemical Industry

Sorbitol can be used as an excipient, moisturizer and antifreeze in toothpaste, and can be added in an amount of 25 to 30%. It can keep the paste lubricated, and has good color and texture. It can be used as an anti-drying agent (instead of glycerin) in cosmetics. Emulsifier stretchability and lubricity, suitable for long-term storage; sorbitan fatty acid ester and its ethylene oxide adduct have the advantage of less skin irritation, widely used in the cosmetics industry.

2, food industry

1.Adding sorbitol to foods prevents food from cracking and keeps food fresh and soft. Used in bread cakes, it has a significant effect.

Sorbitol is less sweet than sucrose and is not used by certain bacteria. It is an important raw material for the production of sugar-free candy and various anti-caries foods. Because the metabolism of this product does not cause blood sugar to rise, it can also be used as a sweetener and nutrient for diabetic food.

2.Sorbitol does not contain an aldehyde group and is not easily oxidized, and does not produce a Maillard reaction with an amino acid upon heating. It has certain physiological activity and can prevent the degeneration of carotenoids and edible fats and proteins. Adding this product to concentrated milk can prolong the shelf life, improve the color and aroma of the small intestine, and have obvious stability and long-term preservation effect on fish sauce. . It also has the same effect in jam preserves.

  1. Pharmaceutical industry

Sorbitol can be used as raw material for vitamin C production; it can also be used as raw material for syrup, injection infusion, pharmaceutical tablet, as drug dispersant, filler, cryoprotectant, anti-crystallization agent, traditional Chinese medicine stabilizer, wetting agent, capsule plasticization Agent, sweetener, ointment base, and the like.

  1. Chemical industry

Sorbitol rosin is a raw material for architectural coatings and can be used as a plasticizer or lubricant for polyvinyl chloride resins and other polymers.

It is complexed with iron, copper and aluminum ions in an alkaline solution for bleaching and washing in the textile industry.

Using sorbitol and propylene oxide as starting materials, it can produce polyurethane rigid foam with certain flame retardant properties.



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