A colorless, odorless solid that melts into a colorless, transparent liquid at 27-28 °C. It can be miscible with water, mixed with xylene, methyl mercaptan and ethyl mercaptan. It is also soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols.



(Item)(Quality Index) (Actual Data)
AppearanceColorless or canary lucid liquidPass
Purity(Dry basis)%99.5MIN99.9
Density (30℃) kg/m31260-12701262
5% Distil off temperature ℃282MIN285.3
95% Distil off temperature ℃288MAX285.5
mgSO2/kg Thermal stability mgSO2/kg16 MAX2.66
Moisture % (m/m)3 MAX2.62
Sulfur content % (m/m)26.0-27.026.5
2-Sulfolene % (m/m)0.1 MAX0.01
Isopropyl sulfolane aether % (m/m)0.01 MAX0
Ash content % (m/m)0.01 MAX0.002
Temperature must be correced to 760 mmHg



  1. Used as a gas chromatography stationary solution and analytical reagent, also used in organic synthesis
  2. Polar solvent with strong solubility and selectivity. Most organic compounds and polymers are soluble in or miscible with sulfolane. Mainly used as extractant for aromatics extraction, polymer spinning or casting solvent, natural gas and syngas, purification of refinery gas, purification and desulfurization of syngas, and dissolution of rubber and plastic. In addition, it can also be used as a printing and dyeing auxiliaries in the textile printing and dyeing industry to make the colors bright and bright.
  3. It is used for desulfurization of natural gas, aromatic hydrocarbon extraction of reforming oil, removal of impurities such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur in hydrogen.