Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA)

Trichloroisocyanuric acid is a very strong oxidant and chlorinating agent. It has high-efficiency, broad-spectrum and safe disinfection. It has the strongest bactericidal ability in chloroisocyanuric acid products, and it is good for bacteria, viruses and fungi. Mold, cholera, spores, etc. have a killing effect, also have a certain killing effect on coccidia oocysts, can be used for disinfection of environment, drinking water, fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry feed trough, fish pond, silkworm house, etc. In order to prepare 4-6 mg/kg of drinking water for disinfection with powder, the environment and utensils are disinfected with a solution of 200-400 mg/kg.


More About TCCA:

CAS NO:87-90-1

Molecular formula:C3Cl3N3O3

Appearance:White powder, granular, or Tablet

Purity: 90%




AppearanceWhite powder, granular, or Tablet
Melting point249-251 °C(lit.)
Flash point121°C


Use Of TCCA:

The product has strong bactericidal and bleaching effects, and is widely used in civil sanitation, animal husbandry and plant protection for high-efficiency disinfectant, cotton, linen fiber fabric washing bleach, wool anti-shrinking agent, and rubber chlorination. , battery materials, organic synthesis industry and dry bleaching of clothing. It is used for disinfection and disinfection of various water quality such as drinking water, swimming pool water, industrial circulating water and sewage.


Package Of TCCA:


Storage:The warehouse is ventilated and dry; lightly loaded and unloaded; stored separately from organic matter, reducing agent, and sulfur-phosphorus combustibles.