A colorless transparent liquid; a product in which two hydrogens on a benzene ring are substituted by a methyl group, and there are three isomers of o-, m-, and p-, and industrially, xylene means a mixture of the above isomers.


More About Xylene/Dimethylbenzene

CAS NO: 1330-20-7

Molecular formula:C8H10

Appearance:Colorless Liquid

Purity: ≥98%

Boiling point: 137-140 °C(lit.)

Density:0.86 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)




Test ItemStandard
AppearanceColorless Liquid
Purity(Titration)98% min.
Melting point-34 °C
Flash point77 °F(lit.)


Use Of Xylene/Dimethylbenzene:

Widely used in coatings, resins, dyes, inks and other industries as solvents; used in pharmaceutical, explosives, pesticides and other industries to do synthetic monomers or solvents; also as a high-octane gasoline component, is an important raw material for organic chemicals. It can also be used to remove asphalt from the body. The Department of Pathology of the Hospital is mainly used for the transparency and dewaxing of tissues and slices.


Package Of Xylene/Dimethylbenzene:


Storage:Store in a low-temperature ventilated place, away from fire and heat. Avoid co-preservation and transportation with oxidants. It is forbidden to use tools that are prone to sparks.